Intimate Spaces

Created by Nick Atkins in collaboration with Tom Christophersen “I guess it’s just about what it means for someone to be close to someone else and what it means for someone to learn about becoming close to other people” – audience response IntimateWhile developing this sound installation Nick worked alongside a group of young LGBTQI people, through conducting a series of interviews that explored the experience of romance. The interviews came to form the content for the installation and were accessible through a series of wooden boxes into which the punter was able to poke their head. The interviews were conducted as one on one performances that centred on a tea ritual. The interviewee shared a small amount of time with a silent performer who asked them questions through a series of flash cards. This project was developed on behalf of the Crack Theatre Outreach Program to celebrate National Youth Week 2013. It was presented at PACT Centre for Emerging Artists from the 10th – 15th May, 2013. This project was been funded by Youth Action and Policy Association and beyondblue through the Community Participation Grants Program. Youthbeyondblue is a major partner of National Youth Week 2013 in NSW.

TheIntimateSpaces from Nick Atkins on Vimeo.