Nick’n’Tom Try the HSC

Nick ‘n’ Tom, try the HSC.
Two men. Six subjects. A whole lot of pain.

In 2012, 73 397 students were enrolled in at least one Higher School Certificate course. In 2013, the incumbent Prime Minister Tony Abbott claimed he felt the history curriculum needed a ‘rethink.’ In 2014, Nick’n’Tom are going back to school to uncover what all the fuss is about.

These overgrown man children will have to ask themselves: what tools and construction techniques were used by the Egyptians? How do vaccinations prevent disease? At what point is N on AB perpendicular to CD? And perhaps most importantly… how could it have all gone so wrong? Badges, bongs, credits and cash will collide as Nick’n’Tom attempt to squeeze their post pubescent bodies back into their pre ‘adult’ lives. It’s going to get sticky.