Business Unfinished – Crack Festival 2015

Photography by Sophie Haylen

Photography by Sophie Haylen

Business Unfinished

Crack Festival 2015

#CabaretExorcism #ghosts #ISeeDeadPeople

“When I was a child, my father encountered spirits”

Business Unfinished is an interwoven collection of performed, pre-recorded, verbatim audio interviews conducted with Australians who have experienced paranormal phenomena in their family homes. The performance is an exploration into the domestic spectacle, lip-sync and unexplained phenomena that may or may not be explainable but most definitely cannot be ignored.

Performer / Devisor: Tom Christophersen

Devisor / Collaborator: Nick Atkins

Stage Manager: Sophie Haylen

Event Hours (2)

  • Friday 2 October

    10:30 pm – 11:20 pm

    Crack House

  • Saturday 3 October

    11:30 pm – 12:20 am

    Crack House

Photography by Mitch Lee

Photography by Mitch Lee